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6th-May-2006 12:56 am(no subject)
taken from Chris, I thought it was a somewhat interesting idea. So yeah, please give it a try:


thanks, I'm honestly very curious and really really really would like you to do this!  Thanks
28th-Apr-2006 04:54 pm - does this make me a party insider?
I got a job at the Ontario NDP, which is both exciting and intimidating. First I should explain just what the job is: it's fundraising. Something I have done [somewhat unsuccessfully] in the past, and yet this will be a different ball game from Greenpeace mainly for three simple reasons:
-the donor base already exist and we're going back to previous donors asking for more.
-the NDP can offer more tangible and obvious reuslts then Greenpeace could.
-the NDP is a much more rupitible and well known organization with a history and clearer base and fewer haters out there (unlike Greenpeace).

So I think I'll be better at it, from my training that Greenpeace gave me and the campaigns gave me. The NDP is also much more open and willing to deal with internal differences then Greenpeace is and so yeah...where I had some misgivings about Greenpeace, and some ones about the NDP, the NDP actually lets your voice them a bit more. Also this fundraising is for a much more specific and obvious goal: buying an building to be the NDP's Ontario HQ. This would be an act of symbolism as well as gives the party solid assets to use as collateral in loans for elections.

I'm also nervous because I know I got the job because Olivia put in a good word for me, which means two things...that Olivia thinks highly of me which I'm honoured by and that I really don't want to fail at it so as to maintain myself in such light.

Lastly I'm nervous because this is a "career" job. Sure, it's very entry level but I'm now working for an employer that there is an opportunity to work my way up and there is a desire on my part to actually work myway up...so yeah!

I had a dream last night I was the mayor of Toronto.
25th-Apr-2006 10:06 pm(no subject)
So three moderately large events today. The first is that I finally got my oral tooth implant put in after about 18 months of heming and hawing and to be honest it was practically the most enjoyable surgery ever. As far as surgeries can go, and now I this little gold nob screwed into my jaw. BLING! Wha WHA!?

I'm embarrassed by the sudden outburst of whiteness, excuse myself.

In other news: I got a call from the provincial NDP wondering if I could come in for an interview tomorrow. I decline. Because I need to be still recouping from this surgery and I dont want to do a job interview on tylanol 3, especially one so important. So I asked if I could come on Thursday instead, they said of course. So yeah. I have an interview with the ONDP which is super exciting...doing what? no idea! haha, probably clerical stuff, because clerical stuff is awesome. Though, I must remind myself I may not even get the job, it's just an interview but it's glorious none-the-less.

In final news I would like to offer my respect to the memory of Jane Jacobs and condolences to her familiy. She was a spectacular woman and is most deffinitely among the most influencial female, nay of all, intellectuals and thinkers of the twentieth century and has informed so much thought in the areas of urban [everything] (sustainability, livability, renewal, politics, transit, etc etc etc). She did live here in Toronto, my hometown, and helped physically change the city here as well being a pivitol part of the campaign to stop the Spadina expressway and susequenty saved the city from being chopped appart by freeways and cars. In most clear sense the house I am currently living in would have had to been torn down for the construction of the West End Freeway that was meant to be built after the Spadina Expressway. I owe Ms. Jacobs my bed and I walk, bike and live in the neighbourhoods and city that she helped save and transform for the better. Rest in peace Jane Jacobs.
18th-Apr-2006 11:28 pm - come again
I got back from St. Catharine's yesterday which was rather fun. Linds' new abode is tres nice and the weather was great and overall I'm glad that and impressed that we managed to get along all so well and fill our time without a single television or internet connected computer.

I came back to Toronto thinking "oh man, I'm going to be so bored now".


Not bored...in fact...too busy!

Today and tomorrow is indoor spring cleaning days in which Erin and Andrea along with the sporadic help of myself, and even lesser help of Emily, attempt to clean this house. Today we got the mud room and kitchen done, and both are sparkleingly beautifully clean.

Tomorrow I have an interview for an internship at Spacing magazine, which will really begin in September. The interview is at the Gladstone Hotel, which in itself makes me excited because I've always wanted to be in the hotel part, not just the karoke bar part (ahem ahem). The day after that I have an interview for a job at Diablos in the JCR, a job which would also not start until September.

I would really like the Spacing magazine thingy, it'll mean I'l lbe covering the municiple election for the magazine which is just WAY UP MY ALLEY. I've always been a big admirer of the magazine too, one of the few publication that I just cant wait for to come in the mail.

Tomorrow I'm going in to help out at Olivia's constituency office, probably writing some letters and the such and figuring out what to do with the Child Care stuff I was tasked to do. Then on Thursday evening I'm planning on helping them out to organize a town hall meeting down on the waterfront. Saturday is a rally at City Hall against deporting illegal immigrants which I'm also hoping to help out with and then finally on Sunday is the General Meeting of the Trinity-Spadina NDP Riding Association at which I'm planning on announcing myself as wanting a position on the executive of the Riding Association. Olivia told me I should run...and well if any one is a good backer in such a crowd she may be it.

So wish me luck.

Oh and I have an exam on Monday, funny that.
11th-Apr-2006 03:50 pm(no subject)
Thank youy, </a></strong>mabrose

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

May 29

- in 1773 the Right to have Native slaves was upheld at Quebec City.
- in 1848 Wisconsin becomes the 30th state
- It's Oak Apple Day in the United Kingdom (say huh?)

1917 - John F. Kennedy, 35th US President
1956 - Latoya Jackson

1259- King Christopher I of Denmark
11th-Apr-2006 12:47 am(no subject)
I've decided that sometime in mid to late august, before I have to head back to school I'm going to take the train down to New York City and stay in a hostel for a few nights and just go and explore the city...it'll be very post-modern existentialist Cather-in-the-Rye-esque journey.
26th-Mar-2006 09:02 pm(no subject)
Oh man, it's totally crunch time. I'm in a state of suspended panic. I didn't get into the French immersion program I wanted, I instead got into one in Edmonton...which while Edmonton might be fun (might) I don't think it would as worthwhile as actual Quebec, so I'm not going to take it. This leaves me nervous about those summer internships/somewhere to live for the summer. I haven't heard anything from the internships, and it is honestly being way too proactive because the constituency office was officially opened only today and the Ottawa office coordinator is still busy at the Tabun's campaign. But out of fear I went to the career centre and I was just handed a tip sheet. We'll that's useful, great resource there.


I have to write a book review of this history/ethnography of ethnic food in the United States, I've decided it would be easier to be critical...but now of course I'm finding myself in a pickle because it was a history it didn't really take any spectacular opinions...except for the authors own racist tinged descriptions which I fould very very annoying.

The Tabuns campaign is also going well and I personally think he'll win, but I don't want to be too confident because there is no such thing as an NDP seat. (Although Toronto-Danforth is probably the closest thing to it). Either way it'll be done on Thursday and I'll be jobless again, which is ok/not ok.

Alright well back to life.
12th-Mar-2006 11:38 pm(no subject)
I started work today at the Toronto-Danforth provincial byelection and I can make some quick conclusions:
1) I don't know the east end at all, like really...I have a rough idea of where things line up, but no idea of distances or what kinds of homes or stores are in certain neighbourhoods. Like I know Trinity-Spadina extremely well now, perhaps I'll find myself in the same position soon with Toronto-Danforth.
2) The Danforth is nice, I will have to try to get out there more often.
3) I took the subway home with Jack Layton's son...random? yes.

That's all I can think of now. I also realized that while canvassing that I fucking love canvassing. At least in receptive neighbourhoods in really beautiful weather.
9th-Mar-2006 04:06 pm(no subject)
It began last night when out of boredom I decided I would check out the Camp Ponacka website and it turned out they had a delightful collection of pictures taken from the 2005 summer.  Aw the old place, I often find myself missing the place and a select bunch of people from there.  Select.

Then it dawned on me...if I've been able to find old elementary school friends on facebook, why not camp friends.  So I began hunting.  I started off my looking through two people I was already friend's with profiles, Will Goldbloon and Hugh Wallace and their friends lists and then adding friends that they had from Ponacka (at least the ones I knew).   Soon I had added a half dozen people.  There were also ones that I knew but didn't really feel like friending, and ones I didn't remember at all.  And Nigel Goodfellow who I remember being a blond twerp and grown into a stud, but I didn't bother friending.  There are a lot of people from camp that I totally don't remember their names but I remember them none-the-less.  Like that redheaded guy in my Pathfinder's group...who was he?  Or the McLease twins, I wonder where they are.  Oh man, I wanna go back to camp, I won't be as awkward and pubescent as I was for...oh every summer I went there!

Actually I wouldn't want to be a camper there...I'd want to be a counsellor, and not of something lame like pottery and woodworking (both very lame) Oh well, this probably me harbouring a lot of pent up issues I've had with those camp days.
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